About Redemption

A different kind of church in Red Hook

About Redemption

We believe in God's power to transform and renew broken communities and to restore relationships. Red Hook is a community in need of this kind of restoration. Once considered to be the crack capital of the U.S., it has a history of crime, drugs, poverty, broken homes and fatherlessness, racism and socio-economic divides. However, the presence and ministry of Redemption Church in this community has and continues to bring hope to many families in need of the life transforming power of the gospel. More than 20,000 residents live in Red Hook, which is 43 percent Hispanic and 36 percent Black/African American. Sixty-seven percent of children come from fatherless homes. These and other issues prevalent among urban-poor communities are why Redemption Church exists in Red Hook.

Redemption Kids

Redemption Kids serves children from Pre-K - 5th Grade. We invite you to bring your children out every Sunday morning at 11am to learn more about Jesus and the great stories of the Bible. As a family, we all participate in our worship experience before having our children get together for their weekly lesson.

Small Groups

Here at Redemption Church family is everything. We believe the Church is not like family, it is family. Small groups are the place where people can spend time together, build, and grow with each other. Small groups meet weekly in Sunset Park and Red Hook. Fill out the form below to learn more.

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Sundays at 11am
767 Hicks Street Brooklyn, New York
Childcare Provided